Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses
In this eBook we explain why small businesses need to take security seriously and address the very real challenges associated with deploying and managing the complex, multi-tiered security models required to safeguard businesses.
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Employees: The biggest cyber security threat to businesses
In this eBook we examine how and why employees have become the biggest security risk to businesses, and what businesses can do to ensure the workforce knows how to protect data and online communications more effectively.
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Assessing the struggle of UK SMBs against cyber criminals
Cyber crime is on the rise – but what does that mean for small businesses? We interviewed 500 senior IT decision makers in small businesses to understand the current cyber security landscape, as well as the cyber threats posed to those businesses by cyber criminals.
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Protect your clients and grow your business as a Privatise Reseller
For MSPs, offering online encryption for SMB clients has become imperative, but many of the current solutions are difficult to deploy and manage, and are not designed for SMBs. In this eBook, we highlight how Privatise Online Encryption can help MSPs to expand their service offering – as well as their own business.
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