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Help shape the future of business online encryption with the Privatise Business VPN BETA Program.

If you would like to request to join our BETA program, please fill in the form to the right.

Privatise Business VPN includes the following features:

  • Central Management
  • One click install, every user, every device
  • Self-activation
  • No usernames or passwords
  • Zero click always-on automation
  • Zero configuration
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Usage monitoring & reporting
  • Automated PKI
  • In-app 'chat style' Tech support
  • Group settings policies
  • Selectively enable 'Change Geo' functionality in 20 countries, per user, per group or everyone
  • Optionally enable Private Server with dedicated IP 


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Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

Take an in-depth look at the risks facing small and medium businesses when it comes to cyber-attacks and find out why online encryption cannot be ignored for businesses of any sizes wanting to keep their communications private.
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