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Join the BETA program and shape the future of business VPNs

Help shape the future of VPN services for small and medium-sized businesses with the Privatise Business VPN BETA Program.

Privatise Business VPN relieves your customers of the burden of having to modify or expand consumer or enterprise-grade VPNs into their business and empower them with an online encryption solution with real benefits, with an ease of deployment they can handle without the need for costly IT support.

Privatise Business VPN has been designed to be specifically deployed within a small and medium business environment, offering a multitude of benefits to keep your clients’ online privacy secure

Privatise BETA Product Features

Designed for the practicalities of deploying online encryption in an SMB environment

Centralised management
Centralised Management
one click-01
One Click Install
Every user, every device
Self Activation
Self Activation
no username and password
No Usernames or Passwords
Zero click, always-on automation
Zero click, always-on automation
easy to use2
Zero Configuration
Compliance & Usage Monitoring
Compliance & Usage Monitoring
Automated PKI
Automated PKI
in app chat-01
In-app Tech support
Group settings policies
Group settings policies
Selectively enable 'Change Geo' functionality
in 20 countries, per user, per group or everyone
Optionally enable Private Server with dedicated IP
Optionally enable Private Server with dedicated IP

Apply to join the Privatise Business VPN BETA program

Don’t just benefit from the Privatise Business VPN, help shape its future by applying to join the Privatise Business VPN BETA program.

If your application is successful, you will benefit from being a part of the development of the first VPN system built from the foundations specifically for SMBs. Reasons to join the Privatise BETA Program include:

Industry leadership
Industry leadership

Become one of the first businesses to benefit from an online encryption platform built specifically with SMB owners in mind.

Product development
Product development

Get ahead of the competition. Joining the BETA program means you can help shape the future of cyber security for SMBs.

Future proofing business
Future-proofing business

Encourage mobile and flexible working knowing your business’ communications are kept private and secure with no need for user engagement and automatic upgrades.


Apply to join the Privatise BETA Program 

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A Privatise eBook

Dispelling the cyber security delusion in small businesses

Take an in-depth look at the risks facing small and medium businesses when it comes to cyber-attacks and find out why online encryption cannot be ignored for businesses of any sizes wanting to keep their communications private.
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