Privatise Business VPN

Partner Program Levels

Whether you’re looking for a basic online encryption program or a full plethora of privacy and encryption security there is a Privatise Online Partner Program Level for you, your business and your customers.

By moving up through the levels of the Privatise Partnership you can easily and simply expand on the benefits of the basic encryption program, gradually upgrading from the zero commitment, open to everyone Pear program, to the fully loaded Passion Fruit partnership, which compliments all the online encryption tools with dedicated  marketing, sales and training assistance.

These are the four Privatise Partner Programs:


Basic affiliate program. Open to almost any IT consultant or MSP with no commitments. Does not utilise the Privatise Partner Portal.


Full reseller program with Privatise Partner Portal, Account Manager and access to all Partner resources. Open to all established MSPs and VARs. Commits to basic staff technical and sales training.


Includes everything available to Peach members PLUS receive leads from the Privatise Referral Program. Commits to basic staff technical and sales training and running marketing campaigns using resources from the Privatise Partner Portal.

Passion Fruit

For the most committed and strategic partners. Boost your lead numbers from the Privatise Referral Program. Undertake joint marketing campaigns. Joint selling and management of key accounts.

  Pear_Icon-01Pear Peach_Icon-01Peach Plum_Icon-01Plum PassionFruit_Icon-01Passion Fruit
Open to IT freelancer, consultant or affiliate      
Open to established IT consultants, MSPs and VARs only  
Privatise Partner Portal & API  
Partner Resources  
Banners and Promotional Graphics
Owns own Tracked Leads  
Receive Leads from Referral Programme     Most
Commitment to Sales & Technical Training None Basic Full Full
Commitment to running Privatise Marketing Campaigns None None Occasional Regular
Joint Marketing Campaigns      
Joint Selling to key accounts      
Affiliate Commissions      
Discounted Licenses   Highest

Partner Lead Referral Program

We receive many enquiries from SMBs with all kinds of cybersecurity concerns that extend beyond the scope of our products and services.

We pass these leads on to our Plum and Passion Fruit Partners who can offer these complimentary cybersecurity services our customers need.

Note, in general all leads Peach and Plum Partners generate from their own efforts using Privatise Partner Program resources, and especially via the “Privatise Parade” mini-site, and are entered into their Partner Portal account, will be passed back to and owned by the Partner.

Request a demo of our software and see how Privatise Online Encryption can change the way you deploy and manage online encryption for your business and your clients.
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Protect your clients and grow your business as a Privatise reseller

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