Cyber security pop-up seminar at a small business


"Everything your employees wanted to know about cyber security but were too embarrassed to ask"

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Cyber Security Pop-up Seminars

No matter how sophisticated cyber security tools get they fail to protect businesses against their greatest security threat – their own employees.

It's not always an employee’s fault as there's so much for them to know and keep up with.

In our experience talking to hundreds of employees within a variety of businesses, they want to stay safe online, but don't fully understand the tools their employers give them, or how to use them, or generally just how to stay safe.

Often times they're too embarrassed to ask questions for fear of being judged or losing trust if they admit to not knowing even basic cyber security measures, so stay quiet and hope for the best - a strategy that can harm your business.

Even young people, who are generally assumed to be tech savvy – unless they're specifically trained – are just as ignorant of the real ins and outs of cyber security and the risks of their everyday online habits.


Businesses need to put more focus on (the right) trainingCyber-security-seminar

Almost everyone understands the general importance of cyber security training for staff.

However, given the ever growing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, focus needs to be put on cyber security training that is effective and this, right now, enough.

With the high burden, inconvenience and cost of sending staff to “formal” classroom training, many companies have turned to online training.

Online cyber security training seems like the perfect solution; do it anywhere, anytime, in small bite size chunks and at a cheaper cost – it all sounds ideal.

The problem with online cyber security training is that for non-technical employees it is often not engaging enough, lacks context, and staff often struggle with certain contexts, plus there's nobody there to explain it in detail if needed.

Employees might be able to figure out answers to quizzes so they can show they completed the training, but often times they can't fully apply it in practice because they haven't internalised it.

Appstractor helps you solve these training problems by bringing engaging "pop-up" cyber security seminars directly to your business’ office.

Live interactive workshops, training, demos, walkthroughs and group discussions ensure your staff can fully engage with and understand cyber security concepts, tools and good practices.

Workshops can be tailored to your staff’s needs and level of understanding and provide a safe, confidential environment to ask their questions with no judgements.


Appstractor workshops:

Features of our bespoke workshops include: 
  • In person in practice, see, touch, feel, try, play, ask = always more effective than any amount of instruction online training
  • Experienced moderators encourage people to open up
  • People crave experiences, not products, these cyber seminars are fully immersive
  • Demonstrations how cyber criminals operate, how they do what they do, what happens to your data etc.
  • See the anatomy of a cyber attack and understand why all types and sizes of organisations are at risk
  • Allows employees to visualise and understand their role when it comes to cyber security 


Executive Add-on Option:Cyber-security-seminar-1-compressor

As a senior manager or executive of your small business you understand the importance of using multiple cyber security tools to create a robust minimum level of online security protection.

But with so many different types of products, and so many vendors, if you're not an IT specialist, it's easy to be overwhelmed and do nothing instead.

The Seminar Executive Add-on helps you understand the different types of computer security tools, what they do, and how they might benefit your company.

See demonstrations and explanations of cyber security tools such as password managers, email encryption, two-factor authentication, hardware security keys, VPNs, disk and mobile device management.

See, touch, feel and ask questions, all in a live environment, without fear of putting your own PC or devices at risk.

These seminars are not a sales pitch and are vendor neutral, with no affiliate or cuts or referrals, meaning you get free, open and honest demos, discussions and evaluations.

By the end you will understand the main cyber security options and be able to make informed decisions about the best ways to protect your company and its assets.