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Reliable Data Solutions For The Digital Marketing Industries with Innovative technology for complex marketing problems

Appstractor Corporation is the home for next generation Business Intelligence, Search and Inbound Marketing tools. Our team of talented people in six countries specializes in building tech solutions for the trickiest marketing problems.

Founded by Paul Rosenthal in 2010, Appstractor Corporation (formerly Trusted Web Services) quickly became an industry leader and Search & Inbound Marketing Professionals depend on our software and services to quickly and safely generate data and analytics for their own clients and for their own research.

Our original brand, Trusted Proxies, provides Enterprise Class Private Proxy Servers that are fast, secure and reliable and designed specifically for the “White Hat” Search Engine & Internet Marketing industries. The ground-breaking Appstractor API Mobile App Scraping Platform, opens rich new seams of actionable mobile marketing data by unlocking the closed customized data from any 3rd party app, providing a new data feed into your software and allowing you to compare it to the data sourced from “open” websites.

MobileHorizons is a powerful App-centric mobile search marketing tool that uses the Post-Hummingbird Semantic Search paradigm to take into account user intent and then analyzes search data extracted from inside iOS & Android apps by the Appstractor API.

Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction and innovative products continue to be the cornerstone of Appstractor’s growing success.

Our Founder & CEO: Paul Rosenthal

A Picture of our Founder and CEO Paul Rosenthal

Trusted Web Services was founded in the UK by Paul Rosenthal in 2010 “from his kitchen table” (it was the living room actually), and established a satellite US office in 2012 and an R&D and Service Center in Israel in 2013.
Starting off his career at Oracle UK, he has been an IT Consultant since 1990, and actively involved with Paid Search, Organic Search, and Online Marketing since 2001.With this combination of IT & Internet Marketing expertise, and an entrepreneurial background, Paul is the driving force for new products and services to enable Search and Internet Marketing Professionals to work faster and more efficiently.

In 2015, Trusted Web Services became Appstractor Corporation, and is the realization of Paul’s trailblazing vision to create a host of next generation Business Intelligence, Search and Inbound Marketing tools.